Reducing waste has been an advocate by several organizations, companies, and governments. In fact, from doing construction to demolition projects, it is a must that we follow certain procedures to avoid material excess that would potentially be a cause of more waste. Concord dumpster rental and companies make sure that waste is also properly thrown in the landfill while the governments impose strict rules and policies to uphold these policies.  

As an individual, we also have a role to play in making sure that our environment is taken care of. So, what can we do to stop or at least minimize our waste contribution? 

Tips for Homeowners 

Do some gardening – Besides the fresh air and organic produce your garden can offer you when you plant, your garden will also pose a limit on the need to buy groceries and add to the need of having plastic bags. Moreover, having a garden will also give a space for compost. Composting is an effective way to minimize the need to throw garbage off the landfill. Compost also decreases soil erosion, increases water retention, and effectively decays organic materials for soil nutrients. You can also donate healthy plants to your neighbors and community to put on schools and parks.  

Choose good materials and tools – When doing home improvement projects, recycle some materials. For instance, use recycled glass and paper for your insulation. Purchase paints that have lesser toxic materials and avoid throwing irresponsibly batteries and hazardous objects into the landfill.  

Tips for Work 

Purchase green materials – Purchasing eco-friendly materials is a sure way to contribute less waste to the environment. You can start with purchasing recycled paper and keep a recycle bin near your desk. You can also save electricity to lessen your carbon footprint by turning off appliances and lights whenever they are not used. For more information about recycled-content products for your workplace, you can visit EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines. 

Save materials – Instead of overusing your printer and having hard copies of all of your documents, try saving an e-copy in your laptop for later references. Saving papers also entails paying bills online so the OR would also be an e-copy.  

Reuse metal claps and envelopes when by not writing labels on them by sticking on a new label over the old one.  

Tips for School and Students 

Purchase green supplies – before starting the new school year, look through your previous materials and reuse and recycle the objects you can. Aside from minimizing waste, you are also saving some dollars. When you also to buying new notebooks and school supplies, choose materials that are eco-friendly. Buy in bulk if possible to reduce the need for shipping boxes and plastic wrappers.  

Avoid using disposable utensils – instead of purchasing foods that come with a plastic spoon and fork, it is more effective and greener to bring your own stainless-steel utensils and minimize or stop using disposables.  

Greener options are available and doing things that are sustainable for our environment does not entail too much work. Let us be responsible and minimize the waste that we produce.